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Pose Estimation || Application of Computer Vision and Deep Learning

What is Pose Estimation? Pose Estimation is one of the recent applications of Deep Learning and Computer Vision. In pose estimation we try to predict the pose of a person, it means representing an orientation of a person in graphical format. While reading out the intro it might look a bit complex but actually, it is not. We implement the idea by considering each joint of our body as a coordinate for our graphical representation. The bones which connect two joints are shown as a simple line. To make a posture simple and easy to visualize we do not represent each and every bone of a human body. Instead, we represent Hands, Legs, Shoulder and Face of a person. Background Previously, one of the famous application of computer vision was face detection and face recognition. We also used to apply computer vision for detecting whether a person is present in an image or not. If the presence is detected then we can highlight the area where it is present. So, after making some advancements and a

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