What is Python ?? || Introduction to Python programming


What is Programming?👀💻
In simple language, we can say programming is a technique through which we instruct the computer to perform various tasks. 
To instruct computer we need to communicate with a computer and for communication, we need a language as a medium. So programming language serves as a medium of communication between the user and a computer. But, as we know computer only understand binary language and it is practically not possible for us to use binary language with only 0s and 1s. 
To solve this problem we need some translator called the compiler. The compiler will compile the code and generate a binary file of it which will be understood by the computer. So this is a complete process of how a computer can be programmed to perform a certain task. Besides compiler there is also an Interpreter.

What is Python?🐍
Python is a high level programming language. Designed by Guido Van Rossum. Now a days python is majorly used for DataScience field i.e. Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and much more. Apart from this we can also use python for backend web development using Django, Flask and etc.
Basics Of Python
The first code which we run when we start learning any programming language is "To print out HELLO WORLD". So going with the convention here is the code for above mentioned program.
  • Print written in blue is called as a function 
  • Things written inside parenthesis is called as a Parameter
  • The sentences in python are called as String. So in python string must be specified inside a " "(double quotes) or ' ' (single quotes).
So this was our first program in python programming language. As you can see it is very easy thing to get started with. I will be posting more blogs related to python so make sure you subscribe if you want to learn. Also give your feedback and suggestions in comments so that I can improve myself.


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